The Early Years - Haven't Met You Yet

Ian was born in London, but at an early age went to live in Santa Barbara, California USA with his parents until the age of seven.

At the age of eleven and having returned to the UK, he started taking singing lessons with four different singing teachers. Ian's big break came when he auditioned with the Ray Shields Orchestra and appeared in the blockbuster film "Yanks" featuring Richard Gere. Ian was chosen for the part out of 400 other competing singers. The movie was a great success, taking 4 months to film and he sang with an 18 piece band, which he greatly enjoyed.

Ian the fronted his own jazz quartet, performing at club venues.

Ian has performed live at the famous London Palladium, The Talk Of The Town and The Savoy, to name but a few. He was the only male vocalist to perform to the British Troops during the Gulf War. He has also performed live at Buckingham Palace in a charity concert. Ian Gallagher has earned the reputation as the hardest working showman in the business and has toured extensively in Great Britain, Europe, Far East and USA.

Ian Gallagher now appears on the Retrosellers website - the definitive site for retro and nostalgia. The website contains an exclusive interview and special features on all aspects of Ian's career.

Ian was invited to play the part of Frank Sinatra in the Rat Pack production live from Las Vegas.

To book the Number 1 Michael Bublé Tribute call 01268 412 806.

Ian Gallagher sings Buble
Ian Gallagher
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Ian Gallagher's Michael Buble Tribute

Antonias Italian Restaurant

'Thanks for a great evening! truly professional act from start to finish…can’t wait to get him back again!.'

Antonias 14 April 2010

Beautiful music should be beyond impression, it should be inspirational.......(Ian Gallgher)

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