The Michael Bublé Tribute show means that you get much more than just a magical musical event.

Ian will work the room with his tribute act and get your guests dancing.

Every Michael Bublé Tribute performance is dedicated to the man himself with immense respect and gratitude. It is said that men dream of being kings, while kings dream of immortality, Michael Bublé is one of a handful of singers today with such a dynamic vocal and personal range, that he can sing with complete authority and conviction in one moment and in another stir us to the core with tenderness. Michael Bublé is a musical giant of our times. Ian Gallagher's show pays tribute to Michael Bublé.

Ian Gallagher sings Buble
Ian Gallagher
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Ian Gallagher

Harry's 70th Birthday Party

'May we take this opportunity to say a BIG THANK YOU for a fantastic performance. I have had lots of letters and phone calls saying what a lovely night it was and how they all enjoyed the performance.'

Harry and Yvonne Thompson April 2010

Life has it's moments and together let's make them unforgettable and create your own luxury event with taste and distinction at Classic Buble.

We won't just plan your special event, we will create it!


At Classic Buble we pride ourselves on out attention to detail; our professionalism will bring you the ultimate Michael Buble experience. Our focus is always your event and our passion and dedication is your guarantee of success. At Classic Buble we hit the right note every time!